That weekend started earlier than usual: at half past five in the morning we were supposed to leave for reaching Medemblik, North Holland.
Strangely, we were perfectly on time, and after two hours and a half of driving we reached our destination, where the last matches of the Nestor Trophy 2018 would have declared the winner for this year; who knows, maybe this time the name of Aqua would have been written on the trophy cup.

Do you feel the suspense? If the answer is yes, you’re not very familiar with Aqua ranking as a sailing association.
Let’s start with saying that there were four people and less than twenty hours of sleep in that car: luckily for us, Pauline, the driver, accounted for eight of that twenty ( I personally contributed with two and a half). I will let you do the math.
Once arrived in Medenblick, we settled in our room, changed ourselves, and prepared for two days of hard sailing against all the student sailing association in the Netherlands: the cold breeze of the Ijsselmeer has been proved invaluable to catch us up, and before the briefing started, we were already with our mind in the water, ready to roll.

At the end of that exhausting day, after disputing more than eight sailing matches fighting as lions, we agreed that having the minds in the water is good, but having them on the boat is probably better: despite all our effort and the great feeling between the member of the crew, we didn’t manage to win one, single match. We get very close to, though. Once.
Nonetheless, the good weather, the perfect wind and the positive attitude that distinguishes Aqua all over the Country contributed to made that day one of the best of all times, and set us ready for the night.
During the dinner, we had the occasion to socialize with other people all over the Netherlands, all with different sailings backgrounds, but the same passion for wind, water and low temperatures.
After dinner we moved to a pub in the city were 90’s disco music and open bar were waiting for us, and where we used all the energy left from the day ( and the night before) dancing and drinking, both probably more than we were supposed to do. 
It didn’t last too long, anyway. At a certain point, I have to say, we all felt the need...the need for sleep.

On Sunday things changed: one on the Sterk Water skipper had to leave, so we needed someone to replace her.
That night we slept more than most of others teams, so we were confident that that day would have been different...or maybe was just the effect of coffee. 
After a rapid breakfast we changed and started to sail almost immediately, every time with a different skipper from the other teams, and at the end of the day we managed to win two matches, with a little help from our friends of Rotterdam and Delft.
The enthusiasm for our little win must have seemed so silly for people used to win everything every time, but we didn’t care: that was our moment.
At the end of the day we still were last, but proud of ourselves: we packed our stuff, loaded the car, said goodbye to the new and old friends, and after a brief stop to have dinner, we came back to Wageningen.

This was my first Nestor Trophy weekend, and I have to say that is for sure among my first five most amazing weekend of all my life, and this thanks mostly to Pauline, Menno, Leonoor, Juan and Makram.
We partied, we sailed, we get closer together among Aqua member, we met new people, and I also had the possibility to see more of this beautiful Country.
You definitely cannot ask more to a weekend than this (except maybe for the absence of the Monday) and I can’t wait for the beginning of the Nestor Trophy 2019, in March. This time, we won’t need any help.