Over the upcoming few days, the WebCie will move the Aqua-website. We will transfer the website from it's old home at AgarHosting to a brand new server at Neostrada. While we are grateful for the help and support AgarHosting provided over the last 10 years, it is now time to move on.

AgarHosting was an amazing place for our website to start and grow, but now the space is becoming too small. To keep the website growing, we need to move on. We have reached out to Neostrada and at their servers, we have 15x more space, at the same rental price. Therefore, the Board of Aqua decided that the time to move the website is now.

"But what will change?", you might ask, "And can I still find the website at wszvaqua.nl?". That is an easy thing to answer. Almost nothing will change with our move to the servers of Neostrada. You will still find the website here, at wszvaqua.nl and it will still look the same.

However during the move there are a few hick-ups.

  • Since we are physically moving servers, you might not be able to reach the website while in transit. The transit can take up to 24 hours.
  • Any updates made on the old server, while the website is in transit, will be lost. So if you subscribe to activities, of change an article, the website might lose that info.
  • - If you (or your comittee) has a @wszvaqa.nl e-mail address, you will (almost certainly) lose all your mails. Therefore, we ask you to make a back-up of all important info! We have contacted all committees through the chairmen/chairwomen/chairpeople, with how you can do this.

The move of the website is scheduled on January 17th. During that friday, you may not be able to visit the Aqua-website.

If you still have any questions, we are happy to help. You can contact the WebCie or contact Ingeborg or Daan directly.

Greetings the Webcie.