Last Thursday, the 3rd of December, Aqua celebrated her yearly activity, Pinterbaas! Even with Covid-19, we are going strong. With an adjusted programme, the Walcie was still able to organise a great online activity.

A week before the activity, everyone got a chocolate letter in their mailbox. Attached to that chocolate letter was a piece of paper with the name and address of the person they had to buy a present for. It also included the time on which they had to deliver their present. Each aqua member had a week to buy a present, and they made great use of it!

On Thursday, it was time for the activity to start. At 18:00, de first group of our sailors went on the road to ring another members bell and deliver the present they bought, with perhaps a poem attached to it. After this, they quickly had to go home to be on time to get their own present from the other group, which arrived at 18:30. With this system, everyone could get their present on time for the activity to start at 19:00.

The evening was divided into rounds. Three rounds of presents and two game rounds in between. The first game round was a Kahoot quiz made by the Walcie itself. The quiz was Pinterbaas and Aqua related, with some interesting questions about last years activity and questions like: How old is Pint Nicoklaas, or what is the oldest Flinterkaas song? We found out that the most sold chocolate letter is the M and that the Walcie is not very good at remembering who send which messages on Whatsapp a year ago.

The second game round was Skribbl with only custom words. The Walcie made a list of about 100 custom words, all related to Aqua, the Walcie specifically, or the Dutch tradition of Sinterkaas. The goal of the game was of course to draw these words as well as possible. A notable drawing was Madeleines drawing of the Roe, which we will not share on this website, since it is not meant for everyone’s eyes.

After this second round was the last round of presents and the end of the official activity. After the activity was over, a lot of people stayed behind to play more rounds of Skribbl, which has become an Aqua classic at this point. Eventually everyone went to bed and a few members in amazing yellow sweaters ended the evening with some Among Us. A great end to a great evening.