During the summer AID, AQUA made a lot of effort to be present in the campus games, to offer an activity that the new students could enjoy to get a taste of our organization and it was great! We could go rowing in the pond that divides Orion from Forum and get a closer look to the beetle (or panicking around trying to not bump into it, depending on who is telling the story haha).

We were divided in groups, in a two-ways minitrip to see which one was the most coordinated and fastest team. It was really fun! Especially since from my position in the first row I could wet everybody else with a reasonable excuse! I am a member of AQUA, so I know we organize more impressive activities, of course, such as our sailing weekends. We didn’t break the record (although we really try, you can see our concentrated faces in the picture) but I think my kiddos enjoyed it and that it was really nice to get a fast feeling of the association. Good job guys!