Date the board

Is the clubhouse too cold? Always wished we could go somewhere warmer? Isn’t the board so very handsome in their suits? Then you’re in luck! On January the 14th, the board is hosting a very hot night, just for you! If you have interest in the board, or have “interest in the board”, then this is your chance, as we are hosting a Speeddating Night at C'mon on the ground floor of Asserpark! A warm and cozy night filled with romance, where you can express you’re interest in the board, ask the board all the spicy questions you ever had, and maybe even get lucky ;). 

Lucky to become candidate board, that is, as the dating is (mostly) meant to learn about the different roles on the board, and find out if becoming board is something for you! 

Event Properties

Event Date 14-01-2020 19:30
Event End Date 14-01-2020 23:55
Registration Start Date 28-11-2019
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 11
Cut off date 14-01-2020 23:55
Individual Price Free
C'mon Asserpark
Asserpark 44
C'mon Asserpark
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