Movie night

It's time for another movie night!!

For the movie night you need 2 things:
1. Netflix

2. Google chrome

If you don't have these, there is a solution! You can always download Chrome online and the first month of Netflix is free, so you can cancel right after the movie night.

We're going to be using the chrome extension Teleparty, which you can download here:

The way it works is that everyone will be able to watch Netflix at the same time, with a separate chat room in which you can talk about the movie. It's watching a movie together, while still keeping distance!

On thursday a boardmember will send a link on Whatsapp, which you can copy to join the Netflix party!

Event Properties

Event Date 21-01-2021 20:00
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 2
Individual Price Free
This event will take place online. Please see the event description on how to get access.
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