Hemelvaarts Weekend

Lets go sailing on the Frysian lakes! This weekend will (likely) take place on the Frysian Lakes in "Valken". A whole weekend means also that we will be sleeping in tents on the boat, which allows us to set up camp (almost) anywhere. There are harbors, but we can also camp on an island.

Now, as you noticed it said "likely" because contrary to other Aqua weekends, we will be organizing this together. This means not only is your input welcome, it is even required. So if you know a different place to go sailing, have cool ideas to do during the weekend, are a chef cook in disguise or have other helpful talents, please don't hesitate to come forward! I'm sure there is something for everyone, so lets make this an awesome weekend together!

This weekend has something extra special: As it is Ascension day on the 10th of May, and many of us will likely already be done with exams by that time this will give us the opportunity to start a bit early (on Wednesday or Thursday) with a (sub)group for this weekend. So is a sailing weekend just too short? Make yourself heard, if there are enough people we can organise to start early*!


Oh, and don't wait too long with registering, the sooner we know how many people want to join, the more likely it will be we can arrange sufficient boats.


*This might mean that only some of us get to go early. A boat is full with 4 people, one of which is a skipper. So the amount of people that can join either the long or the normal weekend depends very much on the number of skippers that joins in!

Event Properties

Event Date 11-05-2018
Event End Date 13-05-2018
Capacity 4
Registered 5
Available place -1
Individual Price 77,00 Euro
Zeilschool De Morra
Buorren 31, 8584 VC Hemelum, Nederland Hemelum, Friesland 8584 VC Netherlands
Zeilschool De Morra
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