Do you love sailing in a boat but are you disappointed there aren’t any additional methods of transport by sail? Then windsurfing is right up your alley! The SurfCie consist of a group of windsurfing enthusiasts who would like to spread the joy of windsurfing. Seeing as how there hasn’t been much surfing within Aqua lately, we would like to breathe new life into this in 2020! That also means we’re open to all and any suggestions you may have, and anybody who would like to be involved in the SurfCie in whatever way is more than welcome to do so. The current plans are to first give some introductory lessons on the land or on the Rhine, so that everybody has a basic idea of what windsurfing is about. Once that’s been done and people know their way around a board, we will organize some trips to proper windsurfing locations such as Zeeland or Friesland! If you want to know more or are interested in the SurfCie in general just approach any of its members.