The fleet gets damaged, we get that, and the O&ECie works hard every winter to get the fleet back in tip-top condition. However we need your help! When, during sailing, you spot any problems, big or small, with the boat you're on, let us know!

Take a few pictures of the problem if you can, and fill in the form you can find here. We will need to know a few things from you: what's exactly wrong with the boat, where on the boat is the problem, and when was it spotted? The spreadsheet is very simple to fill in, so please do that for anything you find. Every boat in the fleet has a separate tab. There is also extra information stored inside the folder, in case you have any further questions.

What are participation points?

To motivate members to help maintain the boats at Aqua, there is a participation point-system in place. This means each member has to earn 3 maintenance points per year. This year starts and ends on the day the Aegir is brought onto land for maintenance, or on 1 November, depending on which comes first. If you joined the association in September at the start of the academic year, you do not have to earn three points before the start of the winter season.

If you do not get your points by the end of the year, you will have to pay compensation to the association for each missing point. See the HR, Article 4, Section 5 for how that works.

There are different ways of receiving maintenance points:

  1. By participating in a maintenance activity organized by the O&ECie. These are mostly in the winter and each day earns you 1 maintenance point.

    If you are unable to participate in any of the maintenance due to physical conditions and the board have indeed granted you exemption (see below), you can receive maintenance points for cooking during the maintenance evenings. Otherwise, cooking and cleaning during the maintenance evenings will not give you any maintenance points, unless otherwise stated by the O&ECie.
  2. By helping Vada give sailing lessons. In our contract with Vada, we hold the responsibility to teach a certain number of sailing lessons to their members. These are more toward the summer and each time you help also earns you 1 maintenance point. The lessons are on Sundays and you can subscribe to help with these lessons through this link.
  3. The board can also decide that certain additional activities can earn you participation points.


Some members might not be able to fulfil their yearly term of 3 participation points, for various reasons. If you feel you cannot earn your points, you can apply for exemption with the board. If the board approves, you do not need to earn your points for that year. You have to re-apply for exemption every academic year.

Point register

All participation points earn for maintenance are saved in a spreadsheet, that you can see here. Participation points earned for other activities are added later, when the points are tallied at the end of the year.

If you are interested in Aqua, you can sign up for the interest list below! You only need to leave your name and your e-mail address.

Interest list WSZV Aqua


Registrations for the fall intro of September 2020 are closed per September 4th. 

It is still possible to become a member of Aqua directly by filling in the membership form linked below. For more information on that you can send an email to our board (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or find Aqua on Facebook.

The annual membership fee is €70,00 per year (€35,- for only the fall). To become a member of Aqua you need to have the sports rights of the Bongerd. For the introduction period, you don’t need to have sports rights.

If you want to unsubscribe from Aqua you need to send an email to the board before the 30th of November (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Membership form WSZV Aqua

Als je geïnteresseerd bent in Aqua, kan je je opgeven voor de interesselijst! Je hoeft alleen je naam en e-mail achter te laten. Wij zullen dan rond de introductie periodes contact met je opnemen.

  Interesse lijst 2020 


De inschrijvingen voor de herfstintroductie periode zijn per 4 september 2020 gesloten. 

Het is ook mogelijk om direct lid te worden bij Aqua, met de link voor het "membership form". Voor meer informatie daarover kun je een mailtje sturen naar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., of vind Aqua op Facebook.

De contributie van WSZV Aqua bedraagt €70,00 per jaar (€35,- voor alleen het najaar). Je dient wel in het bezit te zijn van sportrechten bij de Bongerd. Tijdens de introperiode heb je echter nog geen sportrechten nodig.

Wil je je uitschrijven? Stuur dan voor 30 november een mailtje met je uitschrijving naar het bestuur (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

  Membership form WSZV Aqua 2020 

The Kasco is the committee that ensures the finances of the association are in order. Multiple times a year they come together to go over the finances so the final tally and overview are correct for the financial GMA in February/March. The Kasco is an impartial committee that helps to reach a fitting solution in times of discord between the members and the board. Furthermore, this committee is formed anew each year and has to be voted through a GMA before they can start reviewing the finances, this is usually done between October and December so they have enough time to go over everything.


If you would like to contact the Kasco you can send an email to the board mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and the board will then send your email on to the Kasco members, or you could approach them when you see them in the wild (like at an Aqua activity).