Aqua First-years activity

Hello Aquanauts! On the 17th of November, the first years organized their first activity and revealed their name (more on that later). The evening started with maintenance. The Aegir got her first good scrub of the winter break and was released of all that nasty rust. In the meantime, other Aquanauts made sure that the hard-working people could expect a good and delicious dinner: stamppot! Which is a traditional Dutch dish which was related to the theme that the first years came up with for the activity.

The theme of the evening was cold, which was enhanced by the beautiful Titanic Soundtrack music. The evening was divided into two areas. In the main building of the Water Scouting, origami boat folding was held. With the prize for who folded the best boat of course being eternal glory. In the warehouse, a nearly Olympic sport was being played. It was the sport of ice hockey with an ice cube and wooden skewers on aluminum foil. The games got quite intense at moments with the field being destroyed and the aluminum foil having to be replaced. The game and evening as a whole were very successful. To keep us warm there was lovely choccy milk and glühwein.

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for, *insert drumroll* The first years will from now on be called: The Rhine-o’s! We have chosen this name because Rhinos are alive, Wageningen is the city of life sciences, Aqua is in Wageningen and we sail with Aqua on the Rhine.