The Southern Optimist Championship is an annual sailing competition among the four southern student sailing associations in the Netherlands; Aqua, Boreas, Lagakari and Loefbijter. After Aqua won the ZOK-trofee in 2019, we accepted the dubious honor to organise the 2020 ZOK. The ZOK is a competition that takes place in the spring each year and the boats that are used to race are Optimists, which are a lot of fun, can only be described as plastic bathtubs with sails in them, and are usually way too small for fullgrown people. If you would like to join the ZOKcie you can approach the ZOKcie members at association evenings, or send a message in the Aqua whatsapp group and they'll find you. If you want to keep track of the upcoming ZOK you can check out their Facebook page here.