Do you love sailing in a boat but you would like other ways to move by sail? Then windsurfing is right up your alley! The SurfCie consist of a group of enthusiasts who love to spread the joy and adrenaline of windsurfing. Since the surfing activity within Aqua has been a bit quiet lately, we breathed new life into this in 2020! That also means we’re open to all and any suggestions, and anybody who would like to be involved in the SurfCie in whatever way is more than welcome. The startup phase went well with windsurf days on the Kagerplassen, Strand Horst and closeby at the Grindgat. At the moment we have a few windsurfers in our committee, our own windsurf gear and a textbook with lessons. In 2023 we hope to get our first good beginner board to take things to the next level and get more Aqua members involved in the windsurf adventure! Are you interested and want to know more? Then don't doubt to contact the SurfCie chairperson (Rodin) or any of the committee members.