Have you always wanted to learn sailing? Or are you already an experienced sailer but you also want to sail in Wageningen? Aqua is the place to be!

The coming spring Aqua will organise a springintroduction period. This introduction period will consist of 3 evenings to get to know Aqua and an (optional) sailingweekend.

We will start with an association night the 4th of April, we will go sailing after the lectures after the sailing we will have dinner toghether, we will end the evening with some games and maybe even a bonfire (depends on the weather).

The 9th of April we will have a dinner rouler, which means that you will get 3 courses and after each course the places will shift, by this you will get to know a lot of people in only one night. Afterwards we will have some drinks.

The 11th of April we will first go sailing after the lectures. After the sailing we will finish the introduction period with a barbecue.

The 12th untill the 14th of April there will be a sailing weekend in Friesland which you can also join.

With the following link you can subscribe for the introduction period: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfZ8PJZMJwVqI-mxVEYLyxReFK937pfy6AmwFDG4w5cKkQNEg/viewform

The introduction period costs 15 euro, this includes the barbecue, dinner rouler, dinner at the association night and 3 drinks