WSZV Aqua is the student sailing association in Wageningen. Currently Aqua has about 50 members and our fleets consists of a Valk, Lelievletten and dinghies such as a Laser, Laser 2 and an ISO-topper. Besides sailing on the Rhine every week we also organise a lot of sailing weekends to Friesland and we compete in and organise matches. With our network of sailors we offer the opportunity to keep trying new things. For instance sailing on a Skûtsje, windsurfing and plenty more. Not only is Aqua very skilled at sailing, we also have a lot of active committees and we enjoy a good party as much as the next student. So are you a student at the WUR or Aeres Hogeschool and are you a skilled sailor? Or do you want to start sailing? Or are you just looking for some fellow students to drink some beers with? Then join Aqua!