These are the deadlines for registrations/orders for events and merch:

  • 10th of April Sale of packages will close
  • 23rd of April Sale of the Sweaters, Almanacs, Sterk Water day, and Gala will close
  • 15th of May Sale of the rest of the activities will close




Email the Lustrum committee at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or text Romee Verhagen at: 0640021528



These are starting times and locations for all the Lustrum activities:

  • Opening party: 20:00 for Aqua, from 22:00 open to public, at the Woeste Hoeve
  • Chill day: 12:00, at the Waterscouting
  • Gala: 18:30 Walk-in, 19:00 Dinner starts, at Proost
  • Sterk Water day: 14:30, on the Wijk aan Zee beach
  • Symposium: 19:00 Walk-in, 19:30 Symposium starts, at the Bongerd. For those interested, we will eat dinner beforehand in the Bongerd Sportspub at 18:00 
  • Sail Away evening: 17:30 Getting the boats ready, 18:00 Sailing (we sail to another location, so you won't be able to join after 18:00). We will get back when the sun sets.



Some "rules" for the purchase of packages:

- Maximum capacity for the trip is 20 people.

- Maximum of 10 people on the trip can be Sterk Water.

- For the trip it's first come first serve

- Your registration/purchase is not processed until you finish and send the form (so fill it in quickly!!)

- You can buy a package or loose activity, and you can also buy loose activities in addition to your package (you can select multiple).


Additional info:

- The trip does not include transportation

- The gala includes drinks and dinner

- To see who joins which Lustrum activity; log in, go to Members' Menu and click on Lustrum 2023.


Via this link, you can get to the Google form where you have to subscribe.


We hope to see all of you at the Lustrum!

Love, the LuCo




These are the questionnaires for the almanac! We would appreciate it if everyone fills them in :) 


Disclaimer: When you do not send a picture and text for the Smoelenboek we will find a very "charming" photo for you.

Smoelenboek voor Sterk Water

Duik in het Diepe/Dive into the Deep

The opening party for Aqua´s 7th Lustrum week will be one for the ages.

We invite you to join us in a deep dive into Aqua´s history and travel to 1988 when we will start the evening. As the evening progresses will we travel through time to 2023 while commemorating and celebrating the past 35 years of Aqua. The evening will culminate in the presentation of the Lustrum Almanac and Sweater. 


Voor anker/at anchor

After our dive into the deep we come back to the surface and throw out our metaphorical anchors to just chill and relax.

Luckily we will all have the day off due to Ascension Day (Hemelvaart), which gives us the perfect opportunity to hang out at the Waterscouting. There, we will throw down our picnic blankets, towels, pillows, beanbags and hammocks, and lay back like the gods and goddesses we are. When we have had enough of laying around and our hangovers have passed we will have time for games such as Kubb, Flunky ball, water balloon fights, and a slip-n-slide.


Tijd om te vieren/Time to let loose

Now that we have recovered from the deep dive, it is time to hoist the anchors and set sail towards the weekend.

With the wind at our backs, we can loosen our sails (and ourselves) and celebrate with a beautiful gala filled with beautiful food and beautiful people. There will be plenty of time for beautiful dancing and prancing of course and all drinks and dinner will be included. For this evening we also welcome all our predecessors and invite Sterk Water to join us in our celebrations.


Brakke Wrakken/Wrecked Wrecks

After the gala we might be hungover wrecks, however this time we will remedy our affliction in true Aqua fashion: counting on the wind to clear our heads and blow our hangovers away. To do this we will travel to Wijk aan Zee and go Blokarting on the beach. The day will be closed off with a lovely dinner and we will say goodbye to the Sterk Water members once again.


Met de Wind mee/Along with the Wind

Leaving the exciting weekend behind us we sail along to an evening filled with interesting talks about using sailing for sustainable transport of goods, charter sailing, and lots of other cool stuff.


Trossen los/Bon Voyage

To close off the Lustrum week we will take you on an evening sailing voyage to Opheusden, where we will have dinner and watch the sun go down on a beautiful Lustrum week.


Rif, Reef, Rave

For the biggest event of Aqua’s 7th Lustrum we are excited to offer a week long stay on the Albert Johannes.

This big boy has three masts and 13 sails, and room for 26 Aquadians! We will board AJ in Rostock, Germany, and set sail on the Baltic Sea. Currently we can’t give exact destinations along the route, since those will be dependent on the weather conditions. The journey will include a skipper and first mate, who will be able to teach us all the ins and outs of sailing on AJ. Aside from sailing we will do lots of deksletting, games and other fun activities during the week.