Hey fellow Aquarians,

Last Thursday we had the marvellous, one and only, 2021 Online New Years Drinks! Not only the cool Zeilciecalendar was presented here (it's worth it: go take a peek!.. after you read this), but we also enjoyed a good old fun and weird Kahoot about our fellow lovely Aquanauts. Its content came from the splendid questionnaire the Walcie made for us to fill in beforehand about ourselves. In order to let you taste a bit from the relished ambience, examples of the questions in question were: ‘What is the last thing you googled?’, ‘Help me out, where would you hide the body?’, ‘What is your favourite joke?’, ‘What is your favourite colour (2, 4, 1, 3, 7, 5, 10, 6, 8 or 9)?’ and ‘If you were a flavour, what flavour would you be?’. Romee made very cute and fancy beverage packages for everyone to enjoy during the evening 😊. While we were in our annual Skribbl.io session, even a few of us were drunkenly dancing their hearts out to resemble the vibes of our beloved pre-coronatimes a bit.

Aquamarine kisses,



Last Thursday, the 3rd of December, Aqua celebrated her yearly activity, Pinterbaas! Even with Covid-19, we are going strong. With an adjusted programme, the Walcie was still able to organise a great online activity.

A week before the activity, everyone got a chocolate letter in their mailbox. Attached to that chocolate letter was a piece of paper with the name and address of the person they had to buy a present for. It also included the time on which they had to deliver their present. Each aqua member had a week to buy a present, and they made great use of it!

Hi Aqua Wizards,

A few weeks ago, during the last evening of the first intro, I joined Aqua. The AID was a little bit overwhelming for me. There were so many associations and groups that I could join, so many possibilities! I think I still have at least 50 flyers about all kinds of associations and groups I became familiar with during the AID. Fortunately, at the end of the week, I was able to decide what association to join.

Aqua felt like the right choice to me because it is not as strict as other associations. Besides that, I wanted to gain more sailing experience.  In the past, we went on holidays to Friesland and rented sailboats like a Beneteau, a Bavaria and a Jeanneau. A few years later I wanted to become better at the basics of sailing, so I went to a sailing camp and got my CWO1 Valk. At home, we have a small boat that has the same size as a Valk.

There were more than 37 people that registered so Aqua decided to split the group in half. I did the first introduction on Tuesday 8 September and Thursday 10 September was awesome. The first day we went to the building of the water scouting. After eating dinner, we did some sailing on the Rhine river. Luckily, I was the first one, so I went with the Valk. The second day our buddy group met in the city centre of Wageningen. This day we did Diner Rouler. So, for our first course, we went to the firepit at Hoevestijn. We ate delicious things, but I do not remember the name. Maybe someone knows the recipe? 😉 For the second course, we went to another garden of someone who was living in the building close to the Wageningse Studenten Koor- en Orkestvereniging. We also did a great quiz there. After eating our main course there, we went back to the water scouting and there we ate our dessert. I met a lot of people during the intro and made some new friends. It was great! Therefore, I would like to thank everybody that made this possible on such short notice and with respect to all the corona measures.

Over and out!


PS: The photo was not taken during the intro but during the WalCie Mystery Party. However, it is still a beautiful photo, so I thought let's share it!