Dear members,

It looks like the end of Covid-19 is near. Now that most people are vaccinated and regulations are lifted, it looks like we can do everything we want. However, there are still some rules we have to follow.

First sailing. From now on, there is no maximum number of people allowed on a boat, regarding Covid-19. Note that sailing with too many people is not that productive, so we go back to the old recommendations for a number of people on board, before Covid-19. Still, if you can answer yes to one of the questions in the RIVM health check, you cannot come to aqua.

Then, association evenings. From the 25th of September, we don’t have to keep a distance of 1.5 metres anymore, both inside and outside the Water Scouting building. Again, if you can answer yes to one of the questions in the RIVM health check, you are not allowed to come to association evenings.

Finally, we wanted to mention that we have two trust persons in the association. If you feel lonely, sad or there is anything else you want to talk about, please contact someone! This could be one of our trust persons (they will follow protocol) or someone else, just know that we are here for you!

Thank you for being a part of our association and staying with us even during these difficult times. We hope that we can do more again, as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the corona rules or you have some suggestions, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As things are rapidly changing right now, please ask the board for the most up-to-date rules.

Lots of love,


"Riba Awa"

In the first weekend of June, it was finally time for an aqua weekend again! I say again, but for many people who joined, including myself, this was actually the first time we experienced a real aqua weekend. For this special event we travelled to the Kagerplassen for our surf/dinghy weekend. The night we arrived started rough, as we had to process the news that Jumbo had forgotten to deliver our vegetarian knaksausages :(. Luckily, we had Romee’s atmospheric light around which we could all gather in a large coronaproof circle. 

Saturday it was time for action! We got up early, set up the boats and surfing equipment and hit the water. However, after having a difficult time with hoisting the sail, the ISO ran into some trouble…a broken rudder! Thankfully, the friendly people from the fireboat were there to save Steven, Sophie and Romee. After some shifting in the schedule, we were able to continue sailing during this windy day. Switch time could get quite complicated. It sometimes felt like we were playing a riddle. At the end of the day we got surprised by Steven and Sophie, who had managed to fix the ISO and were flying across the lake! I was impressed how well everyone did during their, for some people, first time on a surfing board and dinghy. After another rescue mission led by captain Anne, everyone managed to get back to the camp safely.

For dinner, we had wraps with a side of screaming children. Feelings about them were mixed, but one thing was for sure...Michiel was their worst enemy! After some tea, chippies and nice conversations, some people took a moment to look at the stars. Others decided to go to bed and enjoy the lovely evening sounds of frogs, airplanes, trains and a snorring Romee <3

On Sunday, we were greeted by the sun! We had a lovely day of sailing and surfing...or being shore gang, which was still very relaxing. I loved watching everyone's determination amd eventually being able to surf for quite some time! 

After having our fries, where Sanne was named winner of the murder game :), we left feeling well-fed, tired and grateful. Thanks to everyone who put together such an amazing weekend and who made it so much fun!

- Eveline Nales

To make these times more pleasant for everyone, we have set up a walking buddy program. So if you want to take a walk and get to know your fellow aqua members at the same time, this is your chance. We divide everyone, who participates, into random pairs and then you can agree on a date together. There is a new round every two weeks. You can register via the event.