Yesterday the Walcie organised a lovely New Year’s dinner at Colors. After all raising our glasses to the new year, we enjoyed some lovely soup and bread with different dips. Some unexpected chicken was found in the peanut soup, but after a little fishing and donating by a few vegetarians, they and a very happy recipient were still able to enjoy their soup.

Some new bonds and friendships were made between humans and a cactus, and the chairwoman of the board gave a lovely speech. Next up was an assortment of different dishes from all over the world. I have no idea what half of the stuff was, but it was delicious. Also, there were fries, need I say more?

The Zeilcie announced their awesome jam-packed sailing calendar for the year and we did another round of chair-roulette. Then, after some yummy dessert (there was ice cream and pie and whipped cream and mousse, and I am starting to drool again), the board announced that they are buying a trailer that you can put behind your bike for doing grocery shopping. This will of course, still have to be pimped up and decorated, but it will be very practical for buying a lot of beer and drinks and other stuff. Plus, it will be stored at the Bongerd, so you don’t have to go all the way to Aqua to pick it up.

The Commocie presented a complete calendar for the whole year with all the weekends and activities, which will be published on the website so everyone can print one and stare at it all day wishing the next activity would come sooner. After all this and some admin to pay the bills, most of us made it over to The Doctor for a few beers and some ice-tea, and some even went on to Nji Sri and even SSR. I had a lovely time, I hope you all did too, and I will definitely be there again next year. For now, though, let’s make this year the best one yet!


That weekend started earlier than usual: at half past five in the morning we were supposed to leave for reaching Medemblik, North Holland.
Strangely, we were perfectly on time, and after two hours and a half of driving we reached our destination, where the last matches of the Nestor Trophy 2018 would have declared the winner for this year; who knows, maybe this time the name of Aqua would have been written on the trophy cup.

Op een zonnige vrijdag 18 mei 2018  zo rond de middag verliet ik mijn werk, ik had die middag vrij genomen om op tijd bij het Aqua gala in Wageningen te zijn. Thuis gekomen pakte ik snel alle spullen in, denk hierbij aan een jurk en schoenen voor het gala, maar ook een slaapzak en een luchtbed waren van de partij, evenals een handdoek en een bikini voor het Sterk water uitje de dag erna.